Property Restoration Solutions

What We Offer


  • Property is transferred, recordal, security bond or usufruct registered over title of the property
  • Previous owner/ tenant signs lease with an option to purchase.
  • If the option is not exercised, the property is marketed for sale, with proceeds shared in predetermined ratios.

Example: Derick and Jessica (with two children) owned a home in the Strand worth approximately R550 000 with a bond of R200 000. John made some short-term debt to help with Unforeseen medical expenses and a Family Holiday with the idea to later increase the bond to settle the short-term debt.

Unfortunately, Derick was not so lucky and lost his Job and suddenly have no more Income. Derick and Jessica borrowed some more short-term loans from Loan sharks and utilized the money to pay some of the Instalments of their Bond and previous Loans whilst searching for new work. Derick and Jessica cannot afford more debt seeing that the monthly payments were not affordable anymore and started running in arrears.

They were now indebted and have no other means to solve their Financial challenge with no more credibility to lend more money to settle their debt and bank can’t lend them money due to adverse credit record. Did you ever experience that feeling “not knowing where to turn and what the solution is”? 

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