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  • Property is transferred to the property investor or sold on an instalment sale agreement.
  • Seller and property investor enter into a Joint Venture Agreement to improve, stop legal action or auction
  • Market the property for sale.
  • Proceeds shared in predetermined ratios

Example: Mr Green is a property owner, 65 years old and staying in a 4 bedroom house which is too big for him. Small Bond of R400 000- 00. The family has decided that Mr Green needs a smaller home which is more maintainable and safer. But, none of them has money to fix the property, so that they can increase Value and Mr Green can get more money out to purchase the smaller property within a security estate cash. If they spend R250 000 on the property, the Value increase by R500 000- 00. House Value before Maintenance is R1 100 000 and after Maintenance it can be sold for R1 500 000- 00

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